Sunday, January 17, 2010

From father to daughter...and it goes on!!!

Destinated to the lovers of the lebanese arts!

The first and most prominent theatre at the middle east

The Caracalla Dance Theatre is an internationally renowned dance company based in Beirut, Lebanon. Abdel-Halim Caracalla founded the Caracalla Dance Theatre in 1970. He envisioned creating a new language in dance that merged Western and Oriental techniques. Abdel-Halim Caracalla was born in Baalbeck, a city known for its annual international cultural event, the Baalbeck International Festival. Caracalla studied in New York with Martha Graham in the 1960s. He continues to be the artistic director of the dance company and closely cooperates with his children, Alissar who is a choreographer and Ivan who is a director

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Comprehensive work!

Caracalla dance theatre provides a key for unlocking the Arab world’s ancient and modern artistic legacy in literature, visual art, theater, dance, and music. Together, let us explore this amazing culture—the cradle of all civilization.

The costume and set designs should undoubtedly become part of the Arabic cultural heritage, and would certainly inspire young Arabic designers. It is important that this work is preserved for future generations to experience.

Spectacular Scenes!!!

Blood lust and threats of beheadings never looked so good as they did in Caracalla Dance Theatre's "Knights of the Moon," which played to standing-room-only crowds over the weekend at the Kennedy Center. Inflamed emotions may be bad for peacekeeping but they're a boon for theater, and this evening-length production was surely the most entertaining offering yet of the center's Arabesque: Arts of the Arab World festival.

The creativity of the Lebanese Abdel-Halim Caracalla contributes to the performances of his theater group involved all aspects from choreography, costume design, set design to music. He has given a strong emphasis to the visual aspects of his performances.

Even stars perform with CARACALLA


The CARACALLA DANCE THEATRE returns to the majestic temples of baalbeck in a world premiere musical based upon a folkloric journey into a lebanese traditional village

From beirut to all over the world!!!!

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